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Three new agate books are now available at The Gem Shop!  Pat McMahan and Tom Harmon have put together their respective books with beautiful photography and great insights to different aspects of the agate world.  These books are all great additions to any rockhound's library.

Agates: The Pat McMahan Collection - The book features one of the most comprehensive collections of Sagenite, plume, and banded agates in the world.  1,150 specimens are featured from over 300 deposits in beautiful color.  Lively prospecting stories are also featured.

The World of Dendrites in Agate - by Tom Harmon with photography by Thomas Shearer.  Dendrites can form in agates from all over the world.  Discover how they are created and where to find them.  Beautiful images of many types of dendritic agate are plentiful throughout this book.

The Many Faces of Montana Agate Collections - by Tom Harmon.  Discover the beauty of Montana Agate and the formations, structures, inclusions, and other features that make this agate very desirable.  Learn about how they were formed and where to find them.

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