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All of us at The Gem Shop welcome your personal visit. Come and dig in the rock yard and basement, which has tons of various types of rock in barrels and bins. Select one of our colored gemstones or cabochons for truly a unique piece of jewelry. For gift ideas, we have a wide variety of items made from rock including bookends, wind chimes, carvings, spheres, geodes, jewelry, polished agate slices, fossils, lamps, and more. Spend the day and have lunch at one of the fine local restaurants.

Come and see our 8000 lb Arizona petrified wood log which was collected in 1910 from the Petrified Wood Forest area in Arizona before it was designated a national park. This specimen stands about 6 feet tall. Bring your camera and take a picture!

We also arrange tours for clubs and groups interested in the lapidary arts.

  • Veronica, president, sales & marketing manager
  • Annie, vice-president, human resources & store operations
  • Eugene, vice-president & lapidary manager
  • Sarah, web production & advertising assistant
  • Stephanie, lead sales associate & office assistant
  • Kevin, lapidary assistant & maintenance 
  • Arthur, lead sales associate
  • Sam, sales associate
  • Jay, warehouse assistant
  • Evan, warehouse assistant
  • Salem, manufacturing assistant
  • Finn, store assistant
  • Abby, store assistant
Mining Morrisonite
A Mining Blog devoted to retelling Gene’s experiences mining Morrisonite through vignettes and anecdotes.