Statement of Transparency

Where does The Gem Shop get our rocks?

Over the past 50 years, The Gem Shop has been a direct source for quality rough rock from all over the world. One of our core principles is to “reveal the beauty of the mineral world” through education. We are constantly striving to ethically procure material both locally and internationally.  Working closely with miners whenever possible, in order to directly support those on the front edge of production, conservation and fair trading practices always come first.


The Gem Shop has maintained relationships of over 30 years with miners and their families in Mexico. Founder, Eugene Mueller, began working the Alianza claim over 25 years ago. In order to continue to buy rough material in honest, good faith, The Gem Shop invested in the Mexican company Ágata Exploraciones, and still maintains controlling interest. Through our Mexican company we are able to build on these decades long relationships and ensure the purchase of all our Mexican rock is done ethically.

United States

The Gem Shop owns multiple claims in the United States. We work directly with the Bureau of Land Management to ensure we are following all local and federal laws and guidelines when collecting and mining material. We also purchase rough rock directly from other miners in the United States. Please check out our recent YouTube series featuring mining operations in Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho.

Australia, Madagascar, and other international locations

The Gem Shop is a multigenerational family business. We have strong working relationships with other family businesses internationally. Building relationships and working directly with other family businesses across the globe allows us to have a complete understanding of where, when, how, and by whom our rough rock has been mined.

Please visit our Rock & Mining Location page to see more details about our mining operations and locations.