Collecting on TGS Claims

Collecting on Mineral Claims Owned by The Gem Shop, Inc., Eugene Mueller & Veronica Woods

In order to promote the collecting aspect of the Lapidary hobby, The Gem Shop, Inc. has adopted a policy, which allows individuals to collect their own rock on its mineral claims. If you would like to visit these mining claims, please click the link at the bottom of the page to download the collecting packet. 

The Gem Shop, Inc. has two active claims - the Blue Mustang and the TGS Beverly Marie. Both of these claims are located in Oregon. 



This claim is located in T24S, R45E, Sec. 33 in the Southeast Oregon, about three miles west of Three Fingers Butte. The claim can be approached from Homedale, ID on Route 19 to Succor Creek Road. 

The Jasper on this Claim is primarily a brown, orange, and blue picture Jasper. It occurs in veins from 6 inches to 3 feet thick, several of which are exposed. The claim has been mined with equipment, and jasper may also be collected on the dump piles.

WARNING: This claim joins Rocky Butte Claim on the south. DO NOT collect on the Rocky Butte Claim without that mine owner’s permission.



This Claim is located in T23S R46E Sec. 25 on the eastern edge of Oregon about 7 miles from Homedale, Idaho. This area is a well-known collection area called Graveyard Point. There are several Claims in the area and extensive agate veins brecciate the basalt for several miles. Directions to the claim can be found in the Collection Packet. If you would like to collect on the claim, please fill out the request form included in that packet, and send to The Gem Shop before visiting. If you wish to visit and only observe, you only need to fill out a liability waiver upon arrival. 


Download the The Gem Shop's collection packet


Packet includes:
-Claim Collecting Terms & Conditions
-Permission Request form - This must be filled out & sent in to   The Gem Shop before visiting the claim
-2 maps to the claims