South Dakota Jewelry

 Artist Mark Anderson has created five distinct necklaces exclusively for The Gem Shop.  These necklaces all have a South Dakota theme.  

-  Dinobone Necklace - The front of this pendant is an agatized dinosaur bone cabochon, which displays orange, red, and black coloring.  On the back is a dinosaur skull engraving.  The front half of the pendant is curved, while the backside is flat.  Agatized Dinosaur Bone can be found in South Dakota.  

- Dinosaur Skull Necklace - The pendant is a sterling silver engraving of a dinosaur skeleton.  Dinosaur fossils can be found throughout South Dakota. 

- Pasque Flower Necklace - The Pasque is South Dakota's official state flower.  When it blooms it is one of the first signs of spring in South Dakota.  This sterling silver pendant was hand carved and cast, with an Amethyst gem in the center.  The Amethyst's color represents the rich purple coloring within the flower.

- Swazi Agate Necklace - The necklace features a Swazi Agate Cabochon that is wrapped in sterling silver.  On the backside of the pendant the South Dakota State Flower is engraved, the Pasque Flower.

- Walleye Necklace - The pendant is a sterling silver engraving of a walleye skeleton.  The walleye skeleton is a symbol for walleye fishermen, and is the state fish of South Dakota.

The pendants are all hung on 18 inch sterling silver chains.  These necklaces are all handcrafted and quantities are limited.  Perfect for people who love South Dakota or very unique jewelry.  Discover these one-of-a-kind necklaces:  

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