2017 Calendar & 2016 Agate Expo

2017 Calendar

     The Gem Shop's 2017 Calendar of Fine Agates and Jaspers in now available!  The calendar features some of the world's finest agates and jaspers.  Featured this year are Pauite Agate, Laguna Agate, Chinese Agate, and many more exquisite agates and jaspers.
     Quantity discounts are available for the calendar.  Contact the store at 877-377-4666 for further details.

2016 Agate Expo    

The 2016 Agate Expo was a very successful event and a great time was had by all.  Guests and participants came from all over the world, and over 30 of the 48 mainland states to Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Relive the show with the 2016 Agate Expo DVD Set.  The DVDs will be comprised of a Symposium Set, Exhibit Hall Set, Show Talks Set, and Show Highlights Set, which include the Art Gala and Banquet.  Sets can be pre-ordered individually or as a complete set.  The DVD will be ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.  
     Show off your love of agates with 2016 Agate Expo souvenirs!  If you forgot to purchase your souvenir at the show, it is not too late.  T-Shirts, hats, wine cozies, cinch packs are all still available.  Thank you to all attendees and we hope you enjoyed your time at the show and in Cedarburg!

DVD: thegemshop.com/collections/publications-1

Souvenirs: www.agateexpos.com/official-merchandise

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