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The Gem Shop has returned from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show with beautiful, new rocks and minerals! 

Morrisonite Polished Slab Specimens The Morrisonite slabs are from the Jake's Place Claim in Oregon.  These polished slabs display a variety of beautiful green, yellow, and red coloring.  A variety of patterns including striations and some "egg" formations that Morrisonite is known for can be found. Check out all of the polished slabs on our site:

Jewelry Carvings The Gem Shop has exquisite carvings that are a unique touch to jewelry creations!  Ocean Jasper® Fish and Seahorses Carvings are intricately carved to display the jasper "orbs" as the creatures eyes.  No two are the same!  Ocean Jasper® Leaf Carvings are carved out of beautiful material and created with a delicate curve, like a leaf falling from a tree.  The druzy flower carvings are made from Natural Druzy, which sparkle in the sunlight!  Peruse through these individually photographed jewelry carvings on our site:

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