Willow Creek Video

 The Gem Shop has a new YouTube video on Willow Creek mining!  Willow Creek Jasper is mined 15 miles north of Eagle, Idaho.  Gene and Veronica were out at the mine with Larry Ridley this past summer and documented the process of mining Willow Creek Jasper.  The jasper is found in very large thunder eggs that have to be drilled to crack them open.  The drilled thunder egg chunks are then hammered and chiseled to uncover the jasper, but not every egg contains the jasper.  Willow Creek Jasper can display beautiful "egg" or oval patterns, but these exquisite patterns are rare.  Green, purple, pink, gray, white, and brown are some of the wonderful coloring that can be found in this jasper.  

The Willow Creek Mining video can be found on our YouTube page:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnHhD6oMAKQ  

We offer a variety of Willow Creek Jasper material:

Rough: http://thegemshop.com/collections/rough-rock-1/from-the-usa?page=4

Cabochons: http://thegemshop.com/collections/cabochons-1/designer?page=32 

Tumbled: http://thegemshop.com/collections/tumbled-stone-1/products/willow-creek-1-lb-lot

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