"Genesis & Classification of Agates & Jaspers: A New Theory" Book Review

The Gem Shop is proud to carry the book by Marco Campos-Venuti, "Genesis & Classification of Agates & Jaspers: A New Theory".  The book analyzes the varieties of agates and jaspers, and is the perfect addition to any rock lover's library.   Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones & Gems has written the following book review of this book:

"When talking with gemologists and jewelers, the topic eventually moves away from precious gems to agates and jaspers. This never fails to evoke a new level of enthusiasm with statements like, “I love agates and jaspers, they are my favorites.”  There is something about the beauty and fluidity of agates and jaspers that both enchants and mystifies.  When showing studio visitors samples of newly cut agates and jaspers, the question of how these stones were formed always arises.  Until I read “Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: a New Theory,” by Marco Campos-Venuti, I would simply answer with one word  -magic.  Magic is the simple version of explaining the formation of these natural wonders, but to understand the geological genesis and to see the real beauty of agates and jaspers, Marco Campos-Venuti provides a wonderful job of showing the intricate steps that transform silica solutions into the stones we collect, carve and display. “Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: a New Theory” is written in such a fashion that it speaks to the beginning collector and to the professional geologist.  Starting with classification and moving to genesis and facies, Marco Campos-Venuti takes the reader on a journey from the basic creation to the intricate subtleties of these gems. After reading this book, I found myself revisiting my favorite agate and jasper specimens and using his explained methods of formation to decode their evolution and design.  At first, I was worried that Marco Campos-Venuti’s new book would take some of the mysterious charm of the these stones away, but I was wrong, it only added to the their intrigue. This book shows the breakthroughs in research and new paths in understanding the geological formation of agates and jaspers, but that is only one level on which Marco Campos-Venuti addresses the genesis and classification of agates and jaspers. I am not one that will readily provide spoilers to books and movies, but I will make an exception in this case. The photographs are a major highlight of this book. The visual examples of agates and jaspers used come from some of the finest collectors and are some of the most beautiful examples that I have seen photographed.   I now have Marco Campos-Venuti’s “Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: a New Theory” sitting in my studio next to a batch of newly cut agates, poised and waiting for the inevitable question of how these stones were formed. I am now able to expose the tricks and reveal the magic."

“Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: a New Theory” can be purchased on our site: http://thegemshop.com/collections/publications-1/products/genesis-classification-of-agates-jaspers-a-new-theory

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