Sonora Sunset & Calendar Collection


Sonora Sunset  

     The Gem Shop has a new selection of Sonora Sunset rough rock in from Mexico!  Sonora Sunset is also known as Sonora Sunrise or Sonora Chrysocolla.  It is comprised of a blend of chrysocolla and cuprite, which shows off beautiful green, red, and black coloring!  Perfect for cabbing or creating a polished specimen!  Check out the new Sonora Sunrise on our site:  

Collectible Complete Set of Calendars

     For a limited time, we are offering for sale a complete set of our famous Calendar of Fine Agates and Jaspers!  We began creating our exquisite calendar in 2002 to celebrate our 30th Anniversary and thought it was going to be a one-time offering.  The calendar was so popular that we decided to issue it annually starting in 2004.        You will notice that on the cover of every calendar a very special little eye agate appears every year.  This particular eye agate is a Lake Superior Agate that was found on Highway 53 North of Duluth by Gene’s wife on their honeymoon. This specimen has been in Gene’s collection ever since and has been a symbol of The Gem Shop, Inc. from the beginning.        We have very limited quantities available of the entire set of our Calendar of Fine Agates and Jaspers available, and each calendar has become a collectible.  You will receive every calendar we have produced from 2002-2014.  We are offering this special collection of stellar photographs of some of the best agates and jasper specimens from around the world  for the very special price of $60.00! This offer is good until January 31, 2014.

   To purchase the entire set, click here:

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