New Morrisonite & Bruneau Jasper Specimens

The Gem Shop has an exquisite collection of Morrisonite, Bruneau Jasper, Willow Creek Jasper Specimens available now!   All of these jaspers come from an area of the Western United States that is rich with jaspers.  Unfortunately, Willow Creek is the only material that is still mined.  Morrisonite was mined in the past by The Gem Shop, which is chronicled in Gene Mueller's book "Mining Morrisonite".  The Morrisonite available in this collection comes as polished slabs and fantastic specimens.  Many of the jasper specimens have a beautiful curved polish face, which adds to their unique appearance.  Explore this collection and find the perfect addition to your collection.

"Mining Morrisonite" Book

Laguna 2014 Mining Report

Last fall, Gene was mining Laguna Agate at the Alianza Claim in Estacion Ojo Laguna.  He returned with some great material, took many pictures, and has some interesting stories to tell.  Read about the mining operation in his report on our mining page:    

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