Ocean Jasper® Spheres

    The Gem Shop has a new batch of Ocean Jasper® Spheres available on our website!  Ocean Jasper first came on the market in 1999 and 100's of tons were mined through 2005. Good, colorful material with large orbicular patterns is becoming harder and harder to come by since the mine has been depleted. Small batches of rough have come into the country every year, but since 2005, most of the rough is all low grade. These spheres were cut from material that was mined in the early 2,000's. Check out their wild colors!

Dugway Geodes

     A new selection of Dugway Geodes are available at The Gem Shop.  These geodes are found in Utah, and are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago.  The geodes have blue-gray banded agate with druzy quartz centers.  The druzy ranges in colors from a brilliant snow white to a translucent blue-gray.  The geodes are a great addition to a collection.  Check them all out on our site:

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