The Gem Shop is proud to introduce a new rough material to the market - PREHNITE.  This rough Prehnite is lime green to medium green in color.  We have cut some of this nodular material, and it polishes nicely.  This material forms in the rusty dirt of Australia and is very hard to read from the outside of the rock.  Once cut into, one can see the brilliant translucent colors and crystal sprays of the Prehnite. Rough material and specimens are available now on our site:

5 lb. Lot -  

Specimens -   

St. Patrick's Day Sale


Our friendly leprechaun, Blarney, has taken over The Gem Shop's website!  He is hiding all over the site.  If you can find him, the product that he is hiding on is marked 20% off retail price.  Blarney has also hidden his pot of gold on a couple of products.  Find his pot of gold and that item is FREE (shipping rates still apply)!  Start searching today because once St. Patrick's Day is over Blarney is going back to Ireland.

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