Laguna Agate

    Gene has recently returned from a short visit to Mexico and brought back some new Laguna Agate from the Alianza Claim.  The Laguna Agate from this claim often displays brilliant banding in red, lavender, pink, and yellow colors.  We have 5 pound lots of this material available.  The lots consist of small nodules, which range in size from 1 inch to 3 inches.  Get your lot today and discover the beauty inside!

Laguna Agate 5 lb. lot:

Stalactite Slices



Stalactites can be found in caves all around the world, but Amethyst Stalactites are much more rare.  Stalactites are formed from mineral rich water dropping from cave ceilings.  The drops leave behind a small ring formation, and after millions of years these rings build up into stalactites.  Agate forms in the middle of the stalactite in various colors with the crystals developing around the agate.  When the stalactites are sliced open the cross section of the growth is revealed.  The Gem Shop has a new selection of Amethyst and Quartz Stalactite Slices.  These slices are great pieces for jewelry making or to show off million of years of geologic history!  Discover this unique mineral formation:

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