Deschutes Jasper

Deschutes Jasper is a picture jasper from an area in Oregon, near the Deschutes River.  The jasper can sometimes display a nighttime scenic vista in its pattern.  Deschutes Jasper has not been mined for over twenty years, and will not be mined again as the deposit area is now a state park.  The Gem Shop has a limited amount of new polished slabs of Deschutes Jasper.  The slabs display great color and stunning scenic visuals. This is a great opportunity to add Deschutes Jasper to your collection:

Deschutes Jasper:

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  • Sarah Carden - October 27, 2020


    Do you still have any Deschutes left? I’m interested. email



  • dan brown - January 08, 2020

    i have 50# deschutes pic jasper my father in law had a claim in the 80,s any interest in buying

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