Kid's Kits

Do you have a budding geologist in the family?  The Gem Shop has three great kits for kids.  The Fossil Excavation Kit includes nine real fossils to discover, including a Sand Tiger Shark Tooth, Sea Snail, and more!  Children will have a great time digging out the fossils from the plaster block and identifying each one.  An identification chart is included on the back of the box.  Each kit also comes with a wooden chisel and brush. 
     The Wack 'n Crack Geode Kit is filled with Sugar Geodes that can be cracked open to reveal crystals inside.  Kids will also learn how geodes are formed.  
     Children can make a fun, elastic putty with our Soapstone Putty Kits!  Using soapstone, water, and other ingredients the kids will be amazed, and have fun playing with the putty they just created.   The putty can also be dyed to create a colorful variety.  Any of the these kits are a wonderful activity that the whole family can get involved in.  See these products and other great kid's products in our Kid's Corner page on our site:

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