2016 Agate Expo DVD

     The 2016 Agate Expo was a historic event, which showcased the greatest collection of agates ever!  Relive the 2016 Agate Expo with the commemorative DVD sets.  Each DVD set highlights a different portion of the show.  

  • Symposium DVD features all 12 speakers and their presentations.  
  • Exhibit Hall DVD features over 120 world class exhibits and interviews with many of the collectors.  
  • Show Talks DVD features all 10 speakers and their presentations.
  • Highlights DVD features the ribbon cutting ceremony, interviews with vendors, Art Gala Night, and the banquet, which includes Brad Cross' presentation.

These DVD's are a great addition to any rock club or rockhound's library.  If you missed the show, this is your chance to see what you missed.  The DVD's can be order separately or save $50 when you order the complete collection.  Pick up your copy today!

2016 Agate Expo DVD Sets:

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