New Minerals & 2015 Calendar

New Minerals

    We have restocked our mineral cases in the store with some fantastic pieces from around the world!  On display this week we have large pieces of Chalcopyrite.   Chalcopyrite is a Copper Iron Sulfide from Mexico.  The mineral contains colorful flashes of blue, green, yellow, and red.  The beautiful coloring is completely natural.  
     A new shipment of Sparkle Pyrite is also on display.  These octahedral crystals beautifully reflect light and are just dazzling!  Sparkle Pyrite originates in Peru.  The natural ocatahedral crystals form in clusters and are made of iron and sulfur.

Explore these and the rest of our minerals on our site:


2015 Calendar

     Fall is here and before long it will be 2015.  Now is a great time to pick up a limited edition of The Gem Shop's 2015 Calendar of Fine Agates and Jaspers.  The calendar features some of the world's finest agates and jaspers.  Displayed in this year's edition is Botswana Agate, Bulgarian Agate, Lava Cap Thunderegg, and many more great pieces.  Get your copy today:

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