Green Bay Show & Septarian Nodules


Green Bay Show     

    The Gem Shop has added a show to the spring schedule.  We will be at the Green Bay - Earth's Treasures, Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show this weekend!  We will be exhibiting with new cabochons, specimens, our kid's kits, and more.  The show will be held at the Green Bay National Guard Armory.  The show hours are Saturday, April 5th from 9am - 5pm and Sunday, April 6th from 10am - 4pm.  For more information check out our show page:


Septarian Nodules


 The Gem Shop has received a new shipment of Septarian Nodules.  We have them available as specimens and polished slabs.  Septarian nodules were formed during the Cretaceous period, 50 to 70 million years ago when the Gulf of Mexico reached to what is now Southern Utah.  Decomposing sea life killed by volcanic eruptions, had a chemical attraction for the sediment around them, forming mud balls.  The name Septarian is derived from the Latin name, Septem, meaning seven.  This relates to the fact that the mud balls cracked with 7 points in every directions thereby creating the beautiful design.  Septarians are composed of Calcite (the yellow centers), Aragonite (the brown lines), and the outer gray rock is Limestone.   Check out all of our Septarian Nodules on our site:

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