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Wisconsin, Illinois, & Iowa Rocks & Minerals

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A Field Guide to the Badger, Prarie & Hawkeye States.

by Dan & Bob Lynch

from the back cover:
"Full-color sharp photos and the details you need to know for identifying and collecting

  • incredible full-color sharp photos:the authors know rocks and took their own photographs in order to depict the detail needed for identification--no more guessing from line drawings
  • comprehensive: photos of 75 rocks and minerals means you're more likely to identify what you've found
  • entries organized by area:find rocks unique to Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan or common to all three
  • easy-to-use format: quickly find what you need to know and where to look

About the authors...
For more than 30 years, Bob Lynch has been working with rocks, much of that time as owner of Agate City Rocks and Gifts in Tow Harbors, MN. He has answered countless questions and helped residents and tourists identify and collect rocks around Lake Superior. He decided it was time to write a difinitive guidebook with great photographs to best meet the needs of visitors and rock enthusiasts. His son Dan shares his father's passion and joined him in this effort."

Book Size: 6" x 44.5"

244 pgs.

Published by Adventure Publications, Inc., 2015

ISBN: 978-1-59193-451-6