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Tumble-Bee TB-12 2lb Tumbler


With improved design and technology, the Tumble-Bee rotary tumblers are the safest and most modernized tumblers available. With a non-slip timing belt, thermal overload protector, and convenient rust-proof housing and lighted on/off switch, enjoy an easy and fun tumbling experience for any rockhound. 

Instruction Manual includes setup, operating instructions, maintenance, troubleshooting, and information on tumbling stones, glass, or metals. This model is a great choice for small scale tumbling needs. 

Included with Machine:
1 x 2lb barrel
Instruction Manual
Allen wrench 3/64"
Lightweight Oil

13" x 6" x 6"

Important Note: This tumbler is ONLY available in 115 volt power supply and comes with a standard U.S. plug. It is not for use in a 220V/240V country even if a converter or adapter is used.

Check out our tumbling rough and grit and polish to go along with it!