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T. Rex Generations


From the back cover:

"You think it is hard growing up now? Step back 66 million years into the late Cretaceous - during the reign of the king of the dinosaurs. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex has long inspired awe and wonder across generations. The planet's most legendary carnivores grow to be over forty feet long and weigh nine tons. Their bite is more powerful than any terrestrial animal that has ever lived.

Follow Cobalt and Sierra, a mated Tyrannosaurus pair as they raise their four hatchlings in what is now Hell Creek Montana. Even in their prime, will their fearsome power and prowess be enough to protect their offspring?

Join acclaimed artist TED RECHLIN in a return to his epic, science-based storytelling. Featuring Rechlin's action-packed full-panel spreads, T. Rex Generations is a coming-of-age story like no other."

This book is produced and printed in the USA
92 pages