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STF106c Stefoinite Cabochon


Stefoinite is a rare brecciated jasper from Wyoming, most likely Sweetwater County, discovered originally by Rudy Stefoin. Material is limited as the exact location is no longer known, and collecting last occurred in the 1970s. Typically, it shows tan jasper with brecciated patterns filled with translucent black, white, or blue chalcedony.

This polished Stefoinite cabochon features varying shades of tan with dark brown and black within the brecciations, and small spots of translucent blue-grey agate.

29mm x 37mm

Designer Cabochons: The Gem Shop, Inc. produces free form designer cabochons for the custom metal smith, hobbyist, and collector. All of the cabs shown are cut and polished by hand in our lapidary shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. The Gem Shop, Inc. specializes in fine agates and fine jaspers including Laguna Agate, Agua Nueva Agate, Black Druzy, Natural Druzy, Lace Agate, Willow Creek Jasper, Imperial Jasper, Morrison Ranch Jasper, and Ocean Jasper®. All of our cabs are one-of-a-kind. These cabs have a slightly beveled edge, buff (slightly curved) top, and flat unpolished back, unless otherwise noted. All have the Gem Shop mirror-like polish! If you wish to see samples of any of these stones you can visit our gallery and see displayed an example of each type of stone we cut.