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By Ted Rechlin and Cary Woodruff
Edited by Anne Rechlin

From the back cover:

Sauropods - the famous long-necked dinosaurs - didn't have the frills, crests, spikes, horns, claws, clubs, or teeth of many of the other famous dinosaurs. Instead, they wow us with their size. 

The biggest of these astounding animals stretched to more than 120 feet long, and weighed in at over 70 tons!

But how did these mesozoic marvels come to be so big? What were their origins? How did they live? And what was their end?

Join award-winning author/illustrator Ted Rechlin, and paleontologist Dr. Cary Woodruff as they unravel the mystery of the sauropods.

This book is produced and printed in the USA
128 pages