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Rudraksha and Clear Quartz Bracelet


This round bead bracelet has a knotted sliding closure, making it adjustable, durable, and easy to put on. The string and tassels are a dark reddish brown, and the beads alternate between clear quartz crystal and reddish brown rudraksha stones.

Rudraksha stones come from the fruit of rudraksha trees, and are commonly strung together and used as a loop of prayer beads, or mala. The deity Shiva is depicted wearing rudraksha garlands within Hindu tradition, and the use of the rudraksha beads as prayer stones originated there. The stones are said to be the tears of Rudra, an ancient Hindu name for Shiva.

Beaded section approx. 6.5" long
8mm gemstone beads, approx. 8mm rudraksha beads

The bracelet pictured is representative of the item you will receive, but exact color of beads may vary as each is unique.