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Rocks & Minerals Activity Book


Rocks & Minerals Activity Book
Written by Jonah S. Jacobson
Illustrated by Y. Shane Nitzsche

Special thanks to Jim Magnuson for consulting and Natalie Fowler for fact-checking.

"Color and learn about rocks, minerals, fossils, and more! 

The great outdoors is filled with treasures to discover. Rocks, minerals, and even fossils are there to find and enjoy. The Rocks & Minerals Activity Book is an amazing educational tool! Your budding rock hound will learn the basics of geology, along with important details about 25 types of specimens, including common rocks like granite limestone, and shales, and rare minerals like gold, silver, and turquoise. Your family will also appreciate the information about everything from amber and petrified wood to volcanoes and weathering. Coloring pages present facts about each topic. Activities reinforce the information in unique and creative ways."

    Lake 7 Creative
    ISBN 978-1-940647-48-7