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Rainbow Fluorite Tower, dark


These Fluorite points or towers have a flat base to stand on, and six sides coming to a terminated point. Rainbow Fluorite is the name given to fluorite that exhibits more than one color, most commonly purple and green at the same time. These towers have varying shades and amounts of purple and green in them, in different patterns.

They are very dark and appear almost black, but when placed in front of a direct light source show beautiful bright colors.

3 Sizes Available:

2.75" - 3.75" tall
3 - 3.5 oz

3.25" - 4.25" tall
4 oz

3.5" - 4.75" tall
4.5 - 5 oz

Price is for one tower. Pictures are representative of the product you will receive, but may not be the exact piece as each point is unique.