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Orgonite Heart Pendant

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Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept of a universal life force or energy. Orgone devices, like Orgonite pendants or pyramids, are intended to accumulate and manipulate orgone energy. Orgonite is generally consists of layered metallic and non-metallic materials, in this case using small crystal chips and gold flakes suspended in resin, with a copper spiral.

The crystals inside correspond to the seven chakras, in Red Jasper (root chakra), Carnelian (sacral chakra), Yellow Aventurine (solar plexus), Green Aventurine (heart), Turquoise (throat), Sodalite (third eye), and Amethyst (crown). 

Heart measures approx.: 1.5" x 1.25"
Pendant hangs approx.: 1.75"

The pendants pictured are representative of the item you will receive. Exact size, shape, and color will vary between each piece.