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Obsidian Sphere - Multiple Sizes Available


These large black obsidian spheres are polished to a high shine and are very reflective. Multiple size ranges are available, from desktop decoration size up to a large crystal ball size.

There are five sizes available:

$49.99:  3.5" diameter, approx. 1.5lbs
$79.99:  4" diameter, approx. 2.5lbs
$99.99:  4.25" diameter, approx. 3.5lbs
$119.99:  4.5" diameter, approx. 3.75lbs
$129.99:  5.5" diameter, approx. 7-9lbs

Some of the largest (5.5") spheres show a few small imperfections, as sphered obsidian in this size is difficult to be completely solid black. Please reach out in your notes at checkout if you are concerned and would like pictures sent of the exact sphere you are receiving.