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Obsidian Point - Multiple Sizes Available


Beautiful natural obsidian points. These have a cut base to stand flat, and a polished point with six sides. The sides feature obsidian's natural conchoidal fracturing for an eye-catching combination of rough and polished texture. The chemical formula of obsidian is SiO2.

Occasionally, there are parts that exhibit the sheen effect that obsidian can produce, so please specify in your notes if you specifically would like some sheen or solid black. 

There are seven sizes available (overlap in heights occurs from difference in weight and size of base for each price point):

$104.99: approximately 5 lbs
     between 8" - 9.5" tall
$94.99: approximately 4.5 lbs
     between 7.5" - 8.5" tall
$84.99: approximately 4 lbs
     between 7" - 8" tall
$74.99: approximately 3.5 lbs
     between 7" - 8" tall
$64.99: approximately 3 lbs
     between 6.5" - 8" tall
$54.99: approximately 2.5 lbs
     between 5.5" - 7" tall
$44.99: approximately 2 lbs
     between 5" - 6" tall

Price is for one obsidian point. The pictures are representative of the product you will receive, but as each fractures naturally, the exact size and shape of each point is unique.