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May Flower Necklace


May Flower Necklace features a silver May Flower with either a rose quartz or amethyst center on an 18" Italian silver chain. These were made exclusively for The Gem Shop by a highly skilled, professional jeweler. The necklace comes in a matte black box with a black velvet pillow. 

The May Flower, also known as the American Pasque Flower, is a native prairie flower most often found in the Northern part of the United States. It is considered to be the first sign of spring because it blooms at the beginning of March and can be found peeking out from the snow. It is also a good gift to give new mothers as it represents new birth and renewal. It was also used for hundreds of years by Native Americans as a treatment of eye diseases, like cataracts. Finally, it is the state flower for South Dakota, Minnesota, and Vermont.