Geodes Nature's Treasures


By Brad Cross and June Culp Zeitner

9" x 7"
Hard Cover, 279 pages numerous color photographs and illustrations,

Copyright 2006 Gem Guides Book Co.

From the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: What are Geodes?
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Formation of Geodes in Igneous Rocks
Chapter 3: Inedible Coconuts: Mexican Coconut Geodes
Chapter 4: When Geodes are Gems
Chapter 5: More Latin Surprises
Chapter 6: Geode Curiosities
Chapter 7: From Sediments to Glamour
Chapter 8: Wonderful Warsaw
Chapter 9: Strange Geodes of Indiana
Chapter 10: A Few Bonuses
Chapter 11: Amethyst Surprises and Baby Rattle Rocks
Chapter 12: Florida's Ocean Harvest
Chapter 13: Not Always Quartz
Chapter 14: Strange, Stranger, Strangest
Chapter 15: Dozens of Eggs
Chapter 16: Almost Geodes: Concretions and Septarians

and more including...Geologic Time Scale and FAQ about Geodes