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Damu Jasper


Damu Jasper was mined in Kenya about 30 years ago. Much of the shipment was sent to China where it sat. For the first time, this jasper is being sold in the US market, exclusively by The Gem Shop! Damu means "blood" in Maa, the spoken language of the Masai people of Kenya.

This jasper contains predonimately blood red jasper with pale blue jasper. Occasionaly pink and gold can be found throught the rock as well. This material is similar to Noreena jasper from Australia, but it is less fractured, more solid, and can be found in much larger chunks. Because this material does contain natural fracturing, it lends itself as a wonderful cabbing rock.

Available sizes reange from 2 - 70 lbs.

*Barrel lots are available. Please contact Veronica for more information at 262-377-4666 or mail@thegemshop.com