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Chakra Awakening Set


Chakras are a series of connected energy points within your body. Certain mindsets, attitudes, or external stressors can unbalance or interfere with the chakras and their ability to flow into one another. Use this Chakra Awakening Set with included cards, guide, stones, crystals, and sage to awaken steady and balanced flow between each chakra.  

Included in the Chakra Awakening Set are:

Awakening Guide
This pamphlet includes information on the included items and how they can help with balancing your seven chakras.

Chakra Sage
This white sage is bundled together with a rainbow of colored flowers to remind you of each chakra every time you use it. 

Selenite Palm Stone
Etched with the Flower of Life, this palm stone represents unity and connection when all the chakras are working and flowing together. 

Chakra Card Set
Each card has information on one of the seven main chakras to help you understand the meaning and impact behind each of them. A black organza bag keeps them together.

Rough Stone Set
Seven rough stones come together in a black velvet bag, one for each chakra.
       Red Jasper Root Chakra
       Carnelian Sacral Chakra
       Yellow Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra
       Green Aventurine Heart Chakra
       Lapis Lazuli Throat Chakra
       Amethyst Third Eye Chakra
       Clear Quartz Crown Chakra