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Banded Agates: A Genetic Approach


In this second book, Marco Campos-Venuti explores the processes underlying the formation of the banded agates. With his professional style, simple and didactic, along with numerous diagrams and illustrations, he explains the complex physical and chemical processes that lead to the formation of the different types of bands; concentric, horizontal, convoluted, of the connective channels and many other structures.

Maintaining the weather cycles model already elaborated in "Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: A New Theory," the author explores a new, more complex model that can better explain every visible variation within the banded agates. This book is full of interesting observations and genetic proposals of a great variety of situations that can be found within an agate. An important part is dedicated to the interaction between the formation of the banded agate and the presence of bacterial faunas, a deeper interaction than we could imagine, responsible for a great variety of unusual situations, including the origin of the fire agate.

200 pages with 400 high-quality photos and 40 diagrams.

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