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AMM260 Polished Ammonite Pair


Polished Ammonite pair is a whole nodule, cut and polished, with brown and tan coloring and leaf patterning visible on the outer portion.

5.25" x 6.25" one side
2.45 lbs

Ammonites are prehistoric nautilus related to the modern day nautilus, squid, and octopus family. Ammonites are called cephalopods because their heads and tentacles protruded out of the same opening; they grew by building larger chambers on their shells. They may have reached up to 6" in diameter. The name "Ammonite" originates from the Greek horned ram called Ammon. Ammonites are perhaps the most widely known fossils, bearing typically banded spiral formation shell. These squid-like creatures lived in the sea between 65 - 415 millions years ago. These specimens were found in Mahajanga, Madagascar.