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AME107bc Amethyst Tongue


AME107bc Amethyst Tongue features translucent purple amethyst.

8mm x 4mm

Note: These tongues are priced individually. You may order one or more. If you wish to order more than one please specify the quantity in your shopping cart.

Bullets & Tongues: Presented here are our three dimensional cabochons. These stones are referred to as bullets, tongues, and cylinders. A bullet "cab" has a round or oval "footprint" and a continuous dome height that exceeds more than half the width or length of the stone base. A tongue has a rounded rectangular shape as the base and three distinct surfaces as the dome. Bullets are cylinders with all surfaces polished. These stones are offered in three ways. One of kind pieces, pairs, and multiple pieces of the same size. Five pieces from the multiple piece lots are shown in the photo. We have these stones cut in Pink and Blue Andean Opal, Strawberry Quartz, Moonstone, Chrysoprase, Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Chalcedony, and various agates as well as other stones. Please contact us with questions about availability.