Rhino Lapidary

The Gem Shop is partnering with Rhino Lapidary (owned by and manufactured by Silica-gem Co.) to provide their lapidary machines to the US market. We are excited about this opportunity as we believe their machines to be state of the art and unique machines that provide innovative and creative solutions to common lapidary annoyances. 


The Rhino EM-1 "Everything Machine" will be available starting this summer, and we are currently accepting preorders. For more information, please call us at 262.377.4666 ext. 103 for any questions about the machine itself or the preordering process. 


The EM-1 Machine combines four machines in one, and has several patents and features. This machine has setups for grinding, polishing, sanding, a flat lap, 6" trim saw, metalsmithing, carving, and drilling. It has an innovative water filtration system, patented motor, several special features, and comes with a long list of parts and additions so you don't have to do any extra shopping!


More is to come! We appreciate your patience as more information about the machine, ordering process, and website is in progress.


Click here for a virtual version of our EM-1 pamphlet