Graveyard Point Mining Journal 2001

Journal from the Beverly Marie claim at Graveyard Point, Oregon 

Thank you to the Boise Rock Club for your interest and visit to the mine.

Gene and Bev look for plume agates
Eugene and Bev look for plume agate.


  • Fri May 25 -- Move house trailer to mining site, set up camp
  • Tues May 29 -- The track loader breaks down -- trying to get repair parts (very old machine)
  • Thurs May 31 -- The Caterpillar excavator is delivered to the site -- work begins -- see video below
  • Wed June 6 -- about one ton of agate produced so far, hit a vein of gold and yellow plume agate
  • Fri June 8 -- Rock club members visit mining site
  • Sat June 9 -- hit pocket of fantastic angel wing - bright yellow, orange, and some red
  • Sun June 10 -- digging in angel wing pocket, found a small side pocket with agate pseudomorhps after calcite
  • Mon June 11 -- found a pocket full of round agate balls, possibly saginite not fully formed
  • Tues June 12 -- Caterpillar excavator break-down caused by loose bolt, hydralic fluid squirts out everywhere, fixed by service team from Boise
  • Wed June 13 -- opened a new area, found deposit of great agate with bright orange plumes with grayish background, and a little pink plume
  • Fri June 15 -- Another rock club visits the site
  • Sat June 16 -- Excavator breaks down again, works stops until repair team arrives Monday noon.
  • Wed June 20 -- hit the top of a cave, can’'t see the bottom, walls lined with agate!
  • Fri June 23 -- cave turns out to be disappointing, agate good on top and back wall, but not so good after going about 6 - 8 feet in.
  • Sun June 24 -- 20 people from a rock club visit the mine
  • Mon June 25 -- new pit shows promise of pink plume for next year’s operation
  • Wed June 27 -- prepare to shut down operation, begin reclamation of mine site
  • Fri June 29 -- smoothing off tops of hills, repair roads