Gallery: Apache Agate II

Apache Agate is known for its floating red colors in clear agate. It is usually categorized with the other banded agates from Mexico, but is really quite different from its cousins (Laguna, Coyamito, etc.) found 100 miles to the southeast. The Apache Agate deposit is located in a very remote part of Chihuahua Mexico.  The outside surface of the agate is generally reddish-orange, which makes them easy to distinguish from the Laguna agate, which is generally greenish on the outside.  The bands are not as distinct or sharp as the other Mexican agates and the common red color is on the orange side of red compared to the Laguna agate where the reds are more of a bluish red. The red bands or stains can float from one clear band to another like ribbons or wind-blown veils, and this characteristic gives the Apache agate its distinctive look. Orange and yellow colors also occur.

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