Agua Nueva Hacienda Tour


The Agua Nueva Ranch is a working ranch. It has been a traditional cattle ranch since the late 1600's. People have lived their entire lives here. A river runs through the ranch and a series of old aqueducts used long ago to distribute water is still in place. Now, new, more reliable wells bring water to the cattle, goats, and large pecan orchards.

Sr. Jaime Creel is the owner of this ranch and has taken considerable effort to preserve its historical aspects. It is a living museum, full of what was the best of a hacienda 200 years ago. The hacienda has an attached chapel whose decorative stone was quarried not far away.

The Agua Nueva Ranch lies in a remote area of Chihuahua about 150 miles south of El Paso, Texas. The nearest paved road is 10 miles away.