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Montana Moss Agate, B Grade, Rough Rock, per lb

SKU: USA 252

Montana Moss Agate is found on the river banks and sandbars of the Yellowstone River between Sidney and Forsyth, Montana. Montana Moss Agate typically features colorless, yellow to reddish brown, or gray to blue translucent agate. Dendrites or ribbon banding in black, red, or orange are typical. Some Montana Moss Agate nodules are partial limb casts from the volcanic flow that caused its formation, and can show patterning and shape similar to petrified wood.

This is B Grade material from Montana, USA. Some color and pattern, mostly partial nodules.

Available in 1/4 lb to 3 lb (0.1 kg to 1.5 kg) pieces.

Given the varying size range, please indicate in your order notes if you have a preference on the size of rock you receive.