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Wonder of North American Agates, The

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"Agates - few other natural formations exhibit the tremendous variety seen in these curiously banded gemstones; no two are exactly alike when it comes to colro, pattern or shape.  And though they are found on every continent, many well-known and significant varieties are present in north America.  This book features some of the most famous, most valuable and rarest agates from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Book Features

- More than 60 of the most beautiful varieties of agates from across North America.

- Intriguing, informative text that explains the fascinating differences between agates and why each is significant.

- Compelling, true-to-life photos that show each agate's special beauty.

From casual fans to experienced collectors, everyone will appreciate the facts and photographs presented in this incomparable book."

(from back cover)

by Dan R. Lynch & Bob Lynch

Adventure Publications

136 pages, softcover