Within the Stone

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Photography by Bill Atkinson
--Essays by Diane Ackerman, Philip Ball, John Horgan, Andrew Revkin, Dorion Sagan, Tyler Volk, and David Zindell
--Commentary by Si & Ann Frazier and Robert Hutchinson

Hard Cover, 180 pages, 11.5" x 12"
72 full-page color photographs
Published by: Browntrout Publishers 2004
Photographs of specimens from The Gem Shop, Inc. that were borrowed by Bill can be seen on pages 15, 27, 35, 45, 89, and 131.
Excerpt from inside book jacket:
" It began innocently enough. While photographing the Painted Desert, Atkinson became intrigued with the brilliant colors in the petrified wood scattered on the ground. He brought home some polished rocks, photographed them under glare-free lighting, and was captivated. The photographs looked more like paintings of forgotten dreams than either rocks or photographs. Atkinson proceeded to photograph thousands of art-quality polished rocks, bought or borrowed from international dealers and collectors, and to refine his photographic techniques. From these thousands of photographs, Atkinson has chosen for WITHIN THE STONE seventy-two that have yielded the most striking, the most poetic, and the most ineffable images. Atkinson opens a vault beneath our feet, revealing to our astonished eyes the tumult of color, form and desire hidden WITHIN THE STONE...

Seventy literary pieces were commissioned for this book from seven writers. Every one of the writers has conspicuous attainments in both scientific and artistic modes...

In an appendix, mineralogy experts Si and Ann Frazier and Robert Hutchinson provide mineral commentary for each specimen. "