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Lake Superior Agate: One Man's Journey, The


The Lake Superior Agate: One Man's Journey by Scott F. Wolter

From the back cover:

"An all–new book about the author’s 20–year Lake Superior Agate experience. This is a must read for anyone who has read Scott Wolter’s previous Lake Superior agate books, or in any way enjoys the beauty of this magnificent gemstone. Included in these 180 pages you will see and read about:

  • 62 all–new color photographs of amazing specimens
  • Entertaining tales about "skonging" the elusive "All–timers"
  • Moose Lake Agate Days, the "Super Bowl" of Lake Superior Agates
  • The top Lake Superior Agate collectors of the past three decades
  • Experience the ups and downs of "picking agates"
  • The Top Ten Lake Superior Agates of all time

Scott Wolter is a licensed geologist who owns a material forensic business in St. Paul, Minnesota, called American Petrographic services, Inc. Scott wrote his first book about Lake Superior Agates in 1986, which has sold over 15000 copies and is in its third edition. Scott and his wife, Janet, have two children, Gran and Amanda, and reside in Chanhassen, Minnesota. You can visit his website at www.lakesuperioragate.com"

Published by Outernet Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1-58175-207-5