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South Dakota State Gemstone - Fairburn Agate


By: Roger Clark
Photographs by: Mary Jane Clark
Published by: Silverwind Agates
8.75" x 11.75"
130 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9664640-2-3

From the back of the book:

" The exquisite gemstones that we call agates, are a visual representation of the beauty of our universe arising from its inherent, awesome and endless creativity. It remains a mystery how common minerals such as quartz and iron oxides, through unexplained self-organizational processes, can create this rare occurrence in nature.

The purpose of this book is to share the author's deep appreciation for agates and thereby promote the pleasure and enjoyment of their intrinsic beauty.

For agate collectors who are already intrigued and inspired with the beauty and mysterious origin of agates, this book has all the latest scientific research. There is also a proposal for a new theory about the natural processes that affect the genesis of agates in sedimentary environments.

The reason Fairburn agates are found in and around the grasslands, badlands and Black Hills is related to the occurrence of special geologic events that give rise to the surface features we now observe. These events are explained by an overview of the natural history that created the landscape. Hundreds of millions of years ago, shallow oceans covered what was to become western South Dakota. They deposited a limestone formation that would become host to the Fairburn agate. it took another 250 million years of major geologic events, including the rise of the mountains, we now know as the Black Hills, before the journey ended, as the erosion of the grasslands and badlands fevealed these magnificent agates at the surface.