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Rock Cutter's Package


The perfect bundle for the lapidary artist! This package has lots of savings and goodies for the rockhound. Get the essentials like the spray bottle and pencil, plus 10lbs of rough containing a mix of Graveyard Point, Regency Rose, Angelwing Chalcedony, and Angel Plume. Learn about your rock with the TGS pamphlet on our mining process and history with the Graveyard Point claim and the rock it produces, plus get to cutting with the included cabochon template. All comes in a commemorative limited edition TGS 50th Anniversary bucket!


-TGS 50th Anniversary Bucket
-10lbs of rough rock from Graveyard Point
-Cabochon template
-Spray Bottle
-Aluminum Pencil
-Hard Rock Mining: Graveyard Point pamphlet


*Holiday specials available 11/24-12/24*