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Ocean Jasper© - A Grade

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New for 2019! This new Ocean Jasper just received from Madagascar was collected from several new deposits found over the past 5 or 6 years.  It is not from the original deposit which was dugout and depleted by 2005.  After the original deposit was mined out, extensive prospecting was done in the area, including hiring geologists to core drill the area in hopes of finding another deposit.  They did find several small deposits this way, which have produced small stock piles of rock over the past 5-6 years.  As these stock piles grew, the lowest grade of material was sent to China to manufacture, leaving the better material in Madagascar until now.  

This new material does not match the quality of the original material.  It's orbs are smaller and less defined.  It does however have some translucent areas and variation of color.  It is reasonably priced at the most, $12/lb, which offers an alternative to the old materials increasing price of $25 to $100/lb on the market today, if you can find it available. 

New Ocean Jasper Rough of this quality has not been available on the market for 10 years. Although it is not of the same quality of the original deposit, it is the best of what has come out of Madagascar since alternative deposits have been discovered.

Sizes range from .25 lb to 5 lbs.