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Gem: The Definitive Visual Guide


Gem is a stunning compendium of the world's natural treasures, featuring a range of precious and semiprecious stones, metals, organic gems, and famous pieces from around the world.

This sumptuous volume provides in-depth information about all the major gem types, which are profiled and beautifully illustrated with crystal-clear photography. It reveals the riches of the Earth, from raw minerals through to exquisite jewelry pieces, and explains the science, history, and mythology that surround them.

Also features are some of the rarest and most valuable stones and artifacts in history, such as the Hope Diamond, the Timur Ruby, and Faberge eggs. As well as being beautiful objects, these pieces tell fascinating stories of intrigue, fate, and world history.

For additional reference an illustrated dictionary section provides comprehensive data on all major rocks and minerals.

Whether you're interested in fine jewelry or mineralogy, this book combines expert knowledge with lavish photography to enlighten as well as enthrall.

Forward by New York Times Best-selling author Aja Raden

440 pages