Fossicking for Queensland Agate


by Sir Paul Howard
7.25" x 10"
Soft Cover, 132 pages
numerous color photographs and illustrations
Printed in Australia  Copyright 2005 Sir Paul Howard, KRO
ISBN 0 9757339 0 7
Foreword (from page 6)
From about the 1950s, there was a rapid growth in the popularity of lapidary as a hobby in Australia. This led to a desire for many rockhounds to travel to distant places to fossick for earth's treasures. One of these destinations was Agate Creek in remote far north Queensland. As a result, the beautiful agates from there feature in almost every collection of gems, be it large or small.
Many books have been written on fossicking, and will invariably include reference to the famous Agate Creek. However, very few deal with a single fossicking area as Sir Paul has done in 'Fossicking for Queensland Agate'. Take a fossicking trip with Sir Paul into this remote area, take the book, it will be a valuable travelling companion.
Barry WatersFounder and Life Member Beenleigh Lapidary Club Inc. Former Secretary to QLACCA Inc.

About the author:"Sir Paul Howard was made Knight of the Royal Order for his research into formations and inclusions in agate and quartz gemstones, also his contribution to the arts and crafts by HRH Prince Leonard of the Hutt River Principality (a small country on the Australian Continent) in September 2002. He has been fossicking at agate Creek Fossicking Area since 1984 and has always specialised in agate. He belongs to two Lapidary Clubs in Queensland and two in America. Sir Paul is the principal of the Gold Coast School of Wirecraft. " excerpt from page 2